• Are you open to signing new artists?

    At the moment, we are not seeking additional musicians or music for our label. Thanks for your understanding.

  • I need permission to use or record a song.

    Please direct all inquires for licensing to www.capitolcmglicensing.com or email [email protected].

  • Can I reprint lyrics to one of your songs?

    All necessary permissions may be obtained by contacting www.capitolcmglicensing.com. This website helps administer the copyrights for Capitol, which includes songs by artists from sixstepsrecords. A Lyric Reprint License is needed to reprint any lyrics. Refer to the INFO section of the above website for details on the specific license desired.

  • I need permission to play a song as intro or walk-in music.

    This falls under a Public Performance License and is administered through ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. These organizations collect royalties from songs played on the radio, TV, venues, and websites. The writer of each song affiliates with a specific PRO, and this will determine which organization to contact. To learn more, visit these websites:


  • I want to translate a song.

    To obtain approval for all translation requests email the following items to: [email protected] with the subject line “Translation Request.”
    – Original lyric
    – Translated lyric
    – Transliteration of the lyric (the literal word for word translation of the song in English)

  • Can I book one of your artists?

    For booking inquiries for Crowder, please email William Morris Endeavor: [email protected] or 615-963-3000. For booking inquiries for Passion visit passionmusic.com. For booking inquiries for Sean Curran please email William Morris Endeavor: [email protected].

  • Where can I get sheet music for a song?
  • Where can I find your artists’ tour dates?

    All tour dates are listed on our artist’s websites:




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