The whole “six steps” idea comes from the ancient Old Testament narrative and a time when the Ark of the Lord was the most treasured possession of God’s people, the embodiment of His very presence and glory among them.

Sadly, the Ark was captured in battle by the dreaded Philistines, enemies of God and his chosen people. Soon, even they learned the Ark of the Lord was not to be dealt with lightly and returned it to Israel, yet because God’s people had forgotten how the Ark was to be properly transported, it rested for years, miles outside of the city of Jerusalem. After many failed and disastrous attempts to bring the Ark to the city, David finally had it carried on poles as God had instructed in the first place.

Once the Ark was again carried properly, the journey to Jerusalem resumed safely. David and his men were so grateful, so happy to be alive in the presence of such glory, they took six steps, built an altar and offered a sacrifice of praise to God! They were humbled and amazed in the presence of a Holy God. Thus, six steps worship.

Check out the whole story at 1 Samuel 4:1-7:1, 2 Samuel 6 and 1 Chronicles 15-16.